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South Africa Under New Lockdown Restriction

South Africa has moved to an adjusted level 4 lockdown (For 3 weeks). This means that there are new restrictions that are in place. The new lockdown restrictions are the following:

  1. The curfew is now from 21h00 until 4am (For next 3 weeks)

  2. All gatherings are prohibited with the exception of funerals and cremations. (Note: Funerals and cremations has a limit of up to 50 people)

  3. Al alcohol both on-site and off-site are prohibited (For next 3 weeks)

  4. Restaurants are only allowed to serve take away, no sit-downs allowed

  5. Schools will be closed by the date determined by the Minister of Education (Note: Schools to close on Wednesday)

  6. Public space will be closed, these spaces include parks, sport grounds, etc. (For next 3 weeks)

  7. Travelling to and from Gauteng for leisure is prohibited. (Travelling for the transport of goods and service continue)

  8. Measures as well as other protocols remain in place, Provinces need to put measures in place as well to be able to manage it

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