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Dear Client, Collogues, Business Partners & Associates

Severe weather and fire-related events are by their very nature…unpredictable. That's why we can't rule out the possibility of devastating summer hailstorms in the northern parts of the country, and the real and present fire risk in the Western and Eastern Cape over this time of the year.

We value your role as risk advisors in the insurance value chain as you continue to create peace of mind for clients. We truly believe that as we move into our increasingly uncertain risk future, risk and advice tools and early detection mechanisms that enable risk prevention will differentiate our value.

As your partner in this journey, we have put together some useful advice and tips to help clients activate disaster preparedness and prevent the loss of life and property during the hail and fire season. We hope you find them of value and encourage you to share these documents with your clients.

Click here for the fire document and here for the hail document.

Keep well

Lifestyle Brokers No 1 (FSP41764) is a accredited intermediary of Santam Limited.

*Courtesy of Santam Limited* orginal source of communication can be found at

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