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Geyser To Be Grade B

Geyser replaced as from today the 8th of October Must be a Grade B Geyser

National Regulator For Compulsory Specifications issued a media release as follows

You as the registered property owner are the responsible person to ensure to ask the repairer when replacing a Geyser to your property that the Geyser does comply with the latest and updated standards.

i would like to encourage you as well to engage with your Short Term insurance broker to establish to correct Claims Procedures to follow at claims stage, your options that you can carry out, Limits, Excess payable to make sure that you do not end up with a nasty bill for your own pocket, and an old out dated Geyser.

Should you not comply with NBR, SABS & NRCS rules and standards your insurance company is also not obligated to settle your claim either.

You could be paying hard earned monies monthly with the expectation to have a claim but your "Equipment" in not complying and are not in accordance with the required standard.

I do encourage you to get a bit smarter about your Home, Regulations And your Insurance Policy. Read the conditions not sure ask your broker about this.

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