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HOT OFF THE PRESS: New legislation around water heating systems


Nobody wants to land in hot water! The best way to avoid trouble, is to always stay on top of new developments like this: the government has passed legislation regulating the manufacturing of hot water systems (geysers).

Going forward, all manufacturers have been requested to produce and supply an energy efficient geyser, named the B Class. This new model has thicker insulation between the inner cylinder and the outer casing, preventing heat loss, and reducing electricity consumption.

As of August 2018, the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) started regulating geysers for domestic use. It’s a move that’s in line with Government’s strategy to “promote energy efficiency as the first fuel in driving balanced, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth, boosting job creation and leading technological innovation.”

As with all change, this will need a ‘phase in’ period. The installation of old geysers – up to 250l geysers - is permitted until 15 September 2018. After that, only products bearing the “B Energy” label can be installed.

Of course, this affects the way that we do business. As a result, we have adjusted our claims reimbursements to allow for the cost of the new B Class geysers and we are ensuring that we work with the right service providers to ensure implementation of regulatory requirements. Upon claim, when replacement of a geyser is required, we will replace with the new B Class geyser. The New B Class geyser will also ease the ‘pain’ of rising electricity bills. So, let's turn on the heat – together – and save!

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